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Shmizza Public House and 9 Dang Thai Opening In Orenco

Posted by on Jul 9, 2015 in Buy Local, Eat Local, Orenco Station, Shop Local

Shmizza Public House and 9 Dang Thai Opening In Orenco

Coming soon to street-level of the new Hub 9 Apartments in Hillsboro’s Orenco Station are Shmizza Public House and the new 9 Dang Thai restaurants. The local coffee house, Ava Roasteria is also slated to open in August. The new part of Orenco Station is being called the Platform District.


The new restaurants are already under construction and should open in late summer of 2015. #BuyHillsboro got a chance to tour the Hub 9 Apartments with the Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce recently. It is a beautiful building with parking for it’s residents, which can help to alleviate some of the parking issues in Orenco.  The view from the 6th floor dining and meeting space, dubbed “The Core” is quite striking.  You can see all across south Hillsboro.

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Here’s a fun fact about Orenco Station.  It used to be it’s own town!

The town of Orenco was named after the company, with OREgon Nursery COmpany becoming ORENCO. After the company closed, the town dis-incorporated in 1938. In 1993, construction on TriMet’s extension to its MAX Light Rail system began, and planning for new high-density neighborhoods along the line continued, including plans for Orenco Station. The area near the old town of Orenco was labeled a “Town Center” by Metro in its 2040 plan for the region. (source: Wikipedia)

The apartments across the street also have the fairly new restaurant, Salam which is one of our favorites.  They offer Lebanese and Persian cuisine and are very friendly people. Get the Tzatziki to go with their giant pita bread, it’s fantastic.


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